24th March 2020

Keeping TODD employees, clients and collaborators protected during the coronavirus pandemic

There is growing evidence that acting sooner has a disproportionate benefit in reducing the scale of the COVID 19 outbreak, and consequently on the mortality rate as health services are able to care for the more vulnerable, in adopting this approach we will be playing our part in protecting our immediate TODD community but also as a socially responsible measure.

In line with the UK and Ireland Government measures to reduce the spread of COVID 19 all TODD studios in Belfast, London and Dublin are now closed with all staff now working from home.

The office’s ability to function remotely has already been tested and we are confident that we will continue to work successfully as a team.


We’re maintaining our business continuity

From 24th March, all our studios will have moved to homeworking until further notice. Operations should remain unaffected and we look forward to giving continued support on all our projects.

We have robust IT infrastructure and systems in place that enable us to work from home. Our homeworking system has been successfully rolled out across the business.

We are maintaining regular contact with clients and colleagues; we also look forward to hearing from you during this time!
We will aim to minimise disruption to projects by keeping in contact regularly and assessing project workload and actions providing support as and when required.

As part of our business continuity we will remain contactable both via our office switchboard as well as directly by mobile phone and e-mail as normal.
We are and will be conducting meetings using Microsoft Teams, Skype and conference calls and other remote means instead of face to face meetings.

We continue to closely monitor the situation and will update our plans.

All of us at TODD’s look forward to continued communication and collaboration on projects with you our friends and business partners by embracing new technologies.