BBH Award for Best Dementia Care Development

TODD Architects – Building Better Healthcare Award for Best Dementia Care Development.

The Croft Early Dementia Care Facility, Newtownabbey, recently won the BBH Award for Best Dementia Care Development.

The TODD designed project consists of 24 self-contained apartments arranged as a village, its main aim is to encourage people living with early-stage dementia, to lead a conventional, comfortable and dignified life. The domestic scaled project has varying sized apartments tailored for each residents’ individual needs. The use of color and wayfinding helps encourage residents to gain further independence and interact in many of the shared social spaces and internal streets. Small but thoughtful touches such as ‘memory boxes’ at the residents front door helps with recognition and ownership. The overall design combines independent, non-institutional patient accommodation within a framework that allows for care and supervision.

The BHH judging panel praised the scheme “This is a fantastic for everyone, but particularly for people with dementia”, TODD are proud to have designed this scheme and the impact it will have on The Crofts residents and carers.