IMS Policy

ISO Statement

This plan demonstrates the commitment of TODD Architects Ltd to meet with the specific requirements of all the clauses of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, with the permissible exclusion of ISO 9001: 2015 Clause Measurement Traceability. 

The three core objectives of the accredited integrated management system are: client-focused; environmentally sound and, within the organisation, centred on the health and well-being of the employees. 


The Directors of Todd Architects are committed to providing Architectural Services on every project and Principal Designer services and Interior Design services on projects where this service is required, which consistently and fully meet client requirements within the context of regulatory and legislative obligations. 

To this end, the practice’s objectives are:

In quality terms to:

  • Achieve and sustain, but improve the quality of service provided by the Practice to clients through the continual integration and adherence to Environmental, Quality and Health and Safety standards in a manner that will continually meet the stated need of clients in a cost-effective way;
  • Provide a documented assurance to clients that the intended level of service will be, is being and has been achieved;
  • Establish and maintain a commitment to continual improvement in quality performance, objectives and targets that complies with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 45001:2018 and other relevant legislation.

In Environmental terms to:

  • Identify and include all environmental aspects of each project and ensure that sustainable development is part of all decisions, policies and practices;
  • Conduct BREEAM assessments on relevant projects with regards to design and specification
  • Set targets to show year on year improvement in environmental scores on projects
  • Encourage environmental responsibility through all levels of the practice, through employee “Green Teams”, employee awareness programmes, environmental communications and training.

In Health and Safety terms to:

  • Prevent injury and ill-health;
  • Ensure that health and safety protection are part of all decisions, policies and practices;
  • Encourage health and safety responsibility through all levels of our organisation, by employee awareness programs, health and safety communication, training and regular reviews of same.

To meet these objectives and conform to the requirements of the standards, the practice has developed and implemented a series of processes to address all the activities undertaken during the provision of Architectural Services. 

Architectural Services comprise:

Stage 0            Strategic Definition (Client’s brief, core project appraisal)

Stage 1            Preparation and Brief (Objectives, Feasibility, Budget, Site Info)

Stage 2            Concept Design (Outline Proposals)

Stage 3            Developed Design (Detail Design and Definitive Cost Information)

Stage 4            Technical Design (Working Drawings to include all consultant info)

Stage 5            Construction (Resolution of Design Queries as they arise)

Stage 6            Handover and Close-Out

Stage 7            In Use (Post-occupancy Evaluation and Project Performance Review)

In summary:

Documentation Requirements are:

  • IMS Policy
  • Operational Processes (adherence to the processes are mandatory)
  • Register of Aspects (identifies significant Direct and Indirect effects the company can control or have influence on, for the Environment.  It establishes the Priority, Objectives, Targets and Programme for Continual Improvement
  • Registers of Legislation (identifies the Statutory/Legislative Documents which are applicable to the practice
  • Business Strategy for Improvement (IMS Compliance Register)


While acknowledging that senior management retain overall responsibility for the IMS, all employees are responsible for ensuring that best practice is implemented without exception and for complying with the communicated requirements.  In particular, external consultant, Mairead Small and Practice Manager, Judith Cowan have been appointed to help implement, maintain and improve the IMS.  This resource allocation will be evaluated for adequacy and effectiveness each year at the Management Review.  Colin Gibson heads up the Green Team and produces a newsletter every 6 months and Judith Cowan has been appointed as Health and Safety Advisor.  Overall direction of the IMS lies with Operations and Finance Director, Michael Edwards.

The policy will be subject to annual review to ensure that it continues to reflect the requirements of the practice.  Compliance with the requirements of TODD’s Integrated Management System is mandatory for all staff. Failure to comply will be addressed following our Capability Policy.  This IMS policy is available to interested parties upon request to the IMS Director or IMS Manager.