Global Neuro Centre, Wales

The Global Neuro Centre will be a new cutting edge healthcare facility designed to undertake clinical trials, research and treatment of neurological conditions. Whilst the design work is still at early stages the ground-breaking medical treatments it will support are well advanced, with sophisticated and innovative technologies the goals of The Neurological Charity which will operate the facility are breath-taking; it will be the first place in the world to offer treatment that seeks to halt and reverse Motor Neuron Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Brain Tumours.

The ambition of The Neurological Charity is to offer these treatments world wide and the concept behind the architecture is to design a building that reflects the high tech cutting edge work within, one that will become recognisable, configured to exacting requirements and capable of replication around the world.

To date we have been delighted to offer our services to this worthy cause for free and look forward to on-going involvement in this exciting project as it progresses.