Duncan Street, Salford

Duncan Street, Salford is a residential development comprised of approximately 83 apartments. Traditionally a more industrial area of the city, the location has undergone dramatic change in recent years due to increased demand for homes and residential investment.

The ground floor comprises a generous access lobby with integrated post / delivery storage and a ‘cycle hub’ directly adjacent.

The upper ground floor contains apartments to the northern elevation with resident amenity spaces and a south facing terrace onto Duncan Street.

The typical upper floors comprise 8 residential apartments in a mix of 1 and 2 bedrooms. All apartments are compliant with the Nationally Described Space Standards.

The ground and upper ground floors take up the full site area. The upper floors are stepped back from the site boundary by 3.6m. This ensures a c16.5m separation with the emerging City View development on the opposite side of Duncan Street. The massing and facade treatment is organised in a tri-partite manner with a base, middle and top to provide order and visual interest.

The facade is organised as a regular grid of pale grey brick with localised areas of green brick.

The ground and upper ground floor have been considered as a ‘piece’ with the aim to maximise the potential for active frontage onto Duncan Street.

The lobby is very wide with a fully glazed screen which will ensure the spaces activity makes a positive contribution to the street.

The upper ground floor contains resident amenity space adjacent to the south facing terrace.

To complete the tri-partite organisation of the facade is completed with upper storeys in a profiled metal cladding. The uppermost south facing apartments benefit from external terrace space with enviable views across the city.

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