Gasworks, Social Housing, Belfast

The Gasworks housing development occupies 2 distinct sites within the wider Gasworks Northern Fringe masterplan. It is a landmark scheme, providing 60 houses and 34 apartments of 100% social housing in one of the last remaining brown field sites of scale within Belfast City Centre.

The ethos of the scheme seeks a return to a traditional street pattern of face-to-face terraced housing, instilling a strong sense of community and neighbourhood. High quality 2, 3 & 4 bed houses are constructed from red brick, carefully detailed, and accented with dark grey windows and tiled roofs.

The apartments in the scheme are disseminated around both sites, largely in small scale, 3 storey blocks of own-door accessed, 2 bedroom units.

This approach seeks to reinforce a sense of ownership with residents and a strong sense of place to scheme in general.
A consistency of materiality and detailing between apartments and houses lends an integrated and considered appearance to the development, whilst allowing enough flexibility between typologies to allow each to have a distinct identity within the whole.

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