Karbala International Airport, Iraq

Karbala International Airport (KIA) is due for completion by 2022. Through 2019 TODD Architects have assisted Manhal Habbobi (our Client) with Stage 1 through to Stage 3 capacity modelling and terminal design. Our coordinated focus has been on sustainability, cost control, architectural planning, aesthetics, operational issues and buildability.

For Stage 1 TODD Architects were tasked to review previous schemes and to subsequently rationalise the areas without effect on terminal operations. An overall area reduction was achieved for the Client and TODD Architects followed with a Stage 2 terminal layout and associated massing exercises to best coordinate with the Client’s vision for this new facility. Furthermore, both linear and curved solutions were developed to align with the various master plan proposals.

As this proposed terminal was to be expanded from 3mppa to 6mppa and finally 9mppa, TODD Architects designed a Terminal layout that offered simple sideward expansion with practically no abortive works. This was achieved by locating all terminal systems, that were subject to passenger increases, on the perimeter of the building.

TODD Architects Stage 3 input coordinated our terminal design with the ADPI master plan and detailed design developments by Manhal Habbobi.

  • Client

    Manhal Habbobi

  • Locations

    Karbala, Iraq