Omagh Integrated Primary and Nursery

The popularity of integrated education, where children from all sides of our divided community can grow and learn without prejudice, has become an increasingly popular choice for Northern Irish parents in recent years.

Omagh Integrated Primary School was one of IEF (Integrated Education Fund) first schools, established in 1989 in temporary accommodation – which it continued to occupy for almost thirty years!

The practice was initially retained to compose a feasibility study to explore options for a new building, which ultimately resulted in the selection of a new greenfield site on the outskirts of the town.

The steeply sloping nature of the site necessitated very careful reorganisation of levels to form a level platform for the school complex.

The 14 class base single storey school is arranged around a landscaped courtyard, with the practice working in close collaboration with the school in the detail development of aspects such as wayfinding, entrances, toileting and incorporation of colour into the elevations and interiors.

The school received a commendation in the RICS awards 2019.

  • Client

    Department of Education

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  • Procurement

    NEC Option B

  • Stage

    Completed 2019